ABS cables are one of the leading optical fiber cable manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. With customer satisfaction set as our top priority, we aim to be one of the top fiber cable companies worldwide. ABS Cables Limited provides all possible facilities to the crew members to keep them motivated to ensure the best productivity of the team. The process control systems are being run by the most skilled and talented workers to yield top-notch products. Organizational culture in the company provides room for more improvement and encourages constant growth. Right from acquiring goods and raw materials to the production of the final product, every process is examined and inspected thoroughly to provide the top-quality products as promised. The company manufactures fiber cables under the aspect of reliability, productivity, process repeatability, and hence, quality assurance is supported by a broad range of measuring and control technology. Every single variant of their cables is certified by Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution (BSTI), ISO 9001, and the certification process is going on for Environmental Management System ISO 14001. They are the primary suppliers of fiber optic cable for some of the most renowned ICT companies in Bangladesh.
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Vision Statement

To become one of the best companies in the fiber cables industry with the support of satisfied worldwide customers.

Mission Statement

We strive to offer top-notch products at affordable rates to our customers and aim for continuous improvement considering the valuable feedback we receive from them.

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