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There was a time when Bangladesh used to rely heavily on imported optical fiber cables which used to put significant pressure on our current account balance. It also meant that Bangladesh was heavily dependent on the international supply chain for an essential tool of development.

Locally manufactured optical fibers were virtually absent in the market as the production required advanced technical knowledge and support. Manufacturing optical fiber is a precise, highly technical, and specialized process, both single-mode and multimode fiber are composed of two concentric glass structures–the core, which carries the light signals, and the cladding, which traps the light in the core.

There is one Bangladeshi company that has taken the challenge head-on and has been delivering international standard optical fibers for various projects across the country for several years. ABS Cables Limited is one of Bangladesh’s leading Optical Fiber Cable manufacturing companies. The manufacturing process of the company – which uses Fourth Generation German Technology Machineries for production – is at the core of its success. Their product has been lauded to surpass imported foreign products.

618 X 425ABS has established one of the largest production facilities of fiber optic cables in the region capable of manufacturing more than 180 km of cable per day. It is equipped with groundbreaking technology which allows automatic fault tracing. Every single variant of their cables is certified by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), ISO 9001, and the certification process is going on for Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

Some of the most renowned ICT companies in the country use ABS fiber optic cables. ABS envisions becoming the benchmark global manufacturing company for the fiber industry by providing world-class products that uphold the standard of quality and reliability of the company. The vision of ABS is continuous improvement through innovation, integrity, teamwork, and creativity.


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